How can I cancel my order?




  • Jackie Schuster

    I need to cancel my order but I'm not going to call all the way to the U.K. And be charged for it. 

  • Annavallena

    It is not working! I want to cancel the order .please answer me....this is getting very boring.


  • Anne Hobbis

    Anne. I wish to cancel my order as you have charged me for two cushions, on PayPal. I didn't get to put my pictures on them.?

  • Caroline barr

    I would like to cancel my order as can't access to make up calendar 

  • Caroline barr

    I would like to cancel my order as can't access to make up calendar 

  • Annavallena

    I have the same problem caroline barr but it seems that nobody can help me.


  • M.Carmen Olmeda

    Quiero cancelar mi orden

  • Renate Sommer

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Hereby I would like to cancel this order 16183471!
    According to business conditions, this is possible 24 hours after purchase.
    I forgot to enter the voucher code.
    Unfortunately I can not reach anyone under the phone number 06922 2216444.
    I ordered my photo book now ncoh once with voucher.
    Thank you so much!
    I wish everyone a healthy New Year!
    Many greetings from Renate Sommer

  • Kathy Irwin

    I would like to cancel my order. It is less then 24 hours from ordering. Can you please do that? 

    I just realized I forgot a name, and would like to edit it, and reorder. I used a Groupon. Will that be possible? The Groupon expires the 17th. 



    Thank you, Kathy Irwin 

  • Desislava Kubovcikova

    I want to cancel my order, I'm calling your customer care number but when I have to choose one of the following options the robot is speaking again and again, it's inpossible to connect with someone of the team

  • Desislava Kubovcikova

    Please cancel my order 42220937, it's impossible to have acces to someone of the member team on the phone, something is wrong with the robot.

  • Sharon Gelfer

    I have tried to call, with no avail and you have not responded to my emails.

    I want my money back for order #61784241

    Thank you. 

  • Stephanie Gallacher
    • Hi order number 42223078 i bought a groupon voucher forva large canvas photo print but after ordering its only a small size. I would still like to have but change to the correct size could someone contact me please i only ordered less than an hour ago i would truly appreciate help with this matter asap thanks 
  • Chadale

    I want to cancel my order too!! 

    It's been less than 24 hours! I spent a LOOOONNNNGGGG time making this photo blanket. It kept telling me to get photos above 70% quality. I had to ditch your "layout" and use a blank slate, and add my own pictures because I couldn't get anything at 70% quality with layouts. Finally, I got everything "perfect", and order. Today I get an email stating my item was still in the basket. It showed a picture of the blanket as well, and the pictures looked HORRIBLY blurry. So, I went to check what was going on, and track status of my order (which IS being processed), and when I clicked on it it had yellow triangles on every picture. It said on each that picture quality would have to be above 80%. This basically tells me I'm going to be getting JUNK!!! I thought I was paying $7 with my groupon code, and your shipping is ridiculous!!! I end up paying over $25 for JUNK, that I wouldn't have even bought if I had known the total price. Very irritated. & Your website is NOT user friendly. I'm contacting someone about this, not familiar with UK's laws but whatever the equivalent is to our BBB, or Attorney General.

  • José María Guillén Guillén

    A few hours ago I acquired two Groupon vouchers for two A4 photo paper hardcover of 60 pages, (four photobooks in total).
    The first purchase gave me an error message during the payment process, so I made immediately a new purchase, however I have just checked that both order were processed and paid, have processed and charged both orders, so I would like to cancel one of them.
    Thanks in advance ad regards.

  • Galina Maksimenko

    hello i would  like to cancel  my  order, i am  not sure is it right project or  no. i only finished project an  straight way  put in basked not  saved before.  i  hope it  is  saved  auto..can  you  help me it is less then 24 hours from ordering. Can you please help me? i would like to put right one and reordered again.I used a Grouppon voucher. that be possible? order nr 42274004 

    thank you


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