When creating a photo book, can pages be deleted / added?




  • Lynn Kimber

    I want to move pages around, but cannot see how to do this?

  • Mike Williams

    Hi Lynn Kimber,

    Thank you for choosing Printerpix.

    Yes you can move pages around, once you are on project page at the bottom of the page you can find pink arrows which are located on right and left side of each page, click on right pink arrow to move the page to right side and left pink arrow to move the page to the left side.

    I have also attached a screen shot, please check it.

    I hope this helps you, If you have further queries or requests please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Experience Team on 08445678228.or Email us on contactus@printerpix.co.uk

    Kind regards,

    Your Printerpix Team


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