I am not happy with my order, what next?




  • Linda McBride

    I'm not sure what has happened with my order I had purchased a groupon voucher which entitled me to a leather book unfortunately I have 2 hard back copies instead perhaps you can help.


    Linda McBride 


  • Phil Posnett

    My order has been damaged in transit I will need to return it to you ????

  • antonella zaccheddu

    ho acquistato un buono x un fotolibro ma ho scoperto che il formato non va bene. posso utilizzare il buono x un formato diverso, aggiungendo la differenza


  • Caroline Plessier

    My order is faulty the pages are stuck together

  • chelciehansard

    The order I received in the mail  is completely different than what I ordered online. I got some random couple on a metal sheet.

  • Suzie

    Hi I have tried to email but get no reply, I recently saw promotion on grouping but then saw on your site you had your own promotion £15.99 buy now create later canvas I purchased but when tried to order your delivery was £8.99 I'm very disappointed as postage was cheaper through groupon and I can find a voucher code which will give me the canvas for a better price with free postage. Can you refund my money or match the offer??? Really unhappy

  • Leanne herring

    Hello I've ordered 2 calenders with my Groupon voucher and only 1 calendar has been delivered. Please help.

  • Gemma Wilson

    I ordered a photo mug which arrived today. However I found the programme to upload pictures and messages not very user friendly. I wanted a photo in one side and a message on the other. I now have a mug with a tiny picture on it in the middle of the mug and two white sides. It looks very poor quality. I would appreciate it if I could orde Another one with the correct image and text. I look forward to hearing from you. Gemma 

  • mary

    My magic mug was broken when i received it on Saturday Dec 10th It Was Supposed to be a gift for my sister  on the 17th of December I've been calling all morning  the machine is saying the system  is down please contact me

  • Helen

    My order was a magic mug....it was broken before I received it

  • Chuck Raymond

    The Metal Picture quality I received through a Groupon order is not even close to the Original colors. I would like to get my money back for my order. The quality is awful and I am only glad is was a Groupon order and not at Full price through your company.

  • Samantha Terry

    I had trouble ordering 6 calander through a group on voucher. 3 calander were cancelled and had to be redesigned, which is NOT an easy or enjoyable process. Then I recieved my first 3, of which the months August and October have not been printed, there are two BLACK pages!! When I try to contact someone I have no success. I wouldn't recommend this company for photo product.
    Please can a customer service advisor contact me ASAP please.

  • Anna Ridley

    My order was wrong. I had a voucher for 5 calenders and you only sent me 1. Can I have the rest posted out?

  • isabel linero carrasco

    estoy leyendo los comentarios y a mi me ha pasado igual ! cogì con un  cupon de groupon 3 calendarios y solo me ha llegado uno !!! Esto no es nada serio !! Pagamos para un servicio y no cumplen ! Yo no lo voy a dejar asi, voy a denunciar a consumo ! 

  • Nilsa Fernandez

    My order was damaged in transit and I have emailed twice with a picture of the damage and NO ONE has responded! This is TERRIBLE customer service.


  • Mandie Roberts

    Sent an email, no response.  I received my order on Saturday, I paid extra for the canvas prints to have the mounting brackets put on...they were not..not even included.  Package was not wrapped properly, snow got in and one side of one of the photos was wet.  So far, not a great experience.

  • Rob F

    I received my order on the 19-10-2016 and he was damaged und not to use (Poster 101 cm x 50 cm). I sended photos of the damaged product to printerpix. But they will not help me with that problem. I want tot send it back and have a new delivery who is not damaged. Or my money back, that is up to you.

    My ordernumber is: 14199797


    I have paid € 125,- and now nobody is responce by printerpix !!! What a TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.


    Please Printerpix, give me an answer!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    Had a groupon voucher which entitled me to 5 calendars but only 1 arrived !!!  Now not going to have them for Christmas -  what a let down.  Order no.42205126

  • g

    I just received my order. I cant begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the quality. Your site told me that the picture I submitted was of High Quality yet the 2 metal prints I got are absolutely horrible and worthless. Sure looks like nobody even took a look at what they were putting into the package. Additionally I was charged for 2 wood hanging brackets which were not in package. My hope is for the prints at the correct quality as promised or a full refund of my order including shipping.

    order number 61747794


  • Katie Waterhouse

    my item arrived broken. Please can yoy advise me of what to do next?


    On December 20, I received a puzzle  with a significant piece missing (order #61690717).  I first called the customer service number but no one answered the phone.  On December 22 I then emailed "contactus@printerpix.com" with my request to receive the complete puzzle by Christmas Eve and received back an email that said my "request (148665) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff".  Now it is December 27 and nothing has happened.

    Since Christmas has passed and the gift idea is now wasted, I would like a full refund immediately.  I understand that companies make mistakes but this company apparently doesn't care about its customers based on  the lack of service in rectifying this issue.

  • Kevin

    Order #: 61680075

    I ordered my photo book on November 29th and it said it was shipped on December 6th. Somehow there is no tracking number and it is now December 29th and I still haven't received the photo book. Do not order from this site there are so many other better sites out there. Horrible customer service as the phone number doesn't even work and no one ever responds to any emails that you send. Make sure you tell your friends and family to never use this sit

  • Linda McLaurin

    I ordered 5th items on December 11th. When I inquired where they were December 22 I received an email stating that one of the orders was not to their quality standards and I needed to re-order. They only told me this when I inquired as to where my orders were. To date, December 31st, I have only received 1 of my orders and it was damaged. The others have not arrived with no date available. Every other site I have ever used gives you continuous updates as to where they are in the process with your order. This is not the case with printerpix! Very unhappy!  

  • jennifer trivette

    My order arrived yesterday and 1 off the mugs handles are broke off, please email me back for refund or replacement thank you

  • johngaunt32

    Part of my order was missing but since contacting you and sendinh more details i have heard nothing. I would like to receive  the missing items or have a refund please.


  • Corinne DIDIER


    j'ai bien reçu ma commande, et je vous en remercie, par contre j'ai commandé quantité de 2 et j'en ai reçu 1

    Pouvez vous faire le nécessaire, mon n0 de commande est le 105009909

    Dans l'attente de votre retour par mail, mon adresse : licorinne59@gmail.com


  • Jacqueline Cooper



    One of two mugs arrived yesterday damaged. Please advise regarding replacement.

    Wow! Seriously not liking the feedback of unhappy customers. Will I be one of them?

  • wery

    Hello - I have received my order BUT there are sports / picture damages on 4 of them.

    Here is the proof, can you send me back my photobook without defaults .

    Thank you - Laurene WERY

  • rosie

    Wrote a long message to complain about the service and say we will never use them again, but it disappeared. Surprising!

  • Orders

    Purchased a voucher.  Redeemed.  Product arrived with defects on the print.  Called printerpix - received recorded message that there was "problems with the phone lines".  eventually got a hold of someone, they told me to send and email with a picture of the defect.  I did.  Website says they will respond within 1 day.  1 week later, still no response.  I attempt to call them again, still having "problems with the phone lines".  Sent another email.  If not resolved, I will contact the credit card to dispute the charges and get a refund.


    I see many other similar complaints - buyer beware.

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